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Advanced Cargo Information For Various Countries


Many countries/regions started to implement advanced cargo information systems with various names(e.g.AMS in USA, ICS in EU, ACI in Canada, KAMS in Korea).


Countries/Regions Which Require Advanced Cargo Information

  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. European Union
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. Korea, Republic of
  7. Taiwan
  8. Thailand
  9. United States of America
  10. Vietnam (for Ho Chi Minh City only, airport code:SGN)

Advanced Cargo Information


Such information includes the electronic transmission for cargo manifest(FFM), master air waybill(MAWB) and/or house air waybill(HAWB) (when HAWB exists) to the customs authorities of the offload point before flight arrived.


Where FFM and MAWB are to be prepared by carrier, shipper and its agent should provide the detailed HAWB information to the carrier for the transmission, in order to comply with the local customs regulation at the offload point.


The HAWB Information Should Include

  1. HAWB number(as showed on the packages, up to 12 digits alphanumeric))
  2. Shipper's full name and address
  3. Consignee's full name and address
  4. Airport of origin and destination
  5. Description of the commodity (must not be ambiguous description, please check with the appendix)
  6. Number of pieces and weight
    (the actual number of pieces of the packages must also be indicated as shipper load and count(SLAC) both on the MAWB and HAWB)

The provided information is expected to be accurate otherwise customs penalties will be involved.




This information may be delivered to China airlines by physical document for manual input or by electronic data via local Cargo Community System(CCS) provider.Such electronic data is recognized as FHL message.The expected SITA address to receive FHL message is TPEFMCI.




When the HAWB is to be transmitted by the carrier to the customs, charges will be collected from the shipper or it's agent per each HAWB. The charges varies by the office of origin and how the HAWB is delivered (e.g. by physical document or electronic data). It is recommended to contact the local cargo sales office for the detailed charges.


Direct Transmission


Except for Thailand and Taiwan, the HAWB information may be transmitted to the customs directly by shipper or it's agent. For shipment to Taiwan, the HAWB information may be transmitted to the Taiwan customs by local certified agent in Taiwan, instead of being transmitted by China Airlines. The charges mentioned above will not be collected if the HAWB information is directly transmitted by shipper or it's agent.


When the HAWB information is to be directly transmitted to the destined customs, shipper or it's agent must comply the following:

  1. To provide guarantee letter to certify that they will be fully liable for the penalty due to the violation of customs regulations.
  2. The wording:“HAWB information has been submitted directly to customs" be typed in the handling information box of MAWB.
  3. To confirm all cargo has loaded onto the aircraft before submitting the HAWB information to the customs.
  4. If the additional information is required by local customs, must also be input on MAWB (e.g. 16 digit code for India customs)

Appendix: Unacceptable Description Of Commodities

Not Acceptable Acceptable
Wearing Apparel
Ladies' Apparel
Men's Apparel
Jewelry (may include watches)
Appliances Kitchen Appliances
Industrial Appliances
Heat Pump
Autoparts New Autoparts
Parts Used Autoparts
Caps Baseball Caps
Blasting Caps
Bottle Caps
Hub Caps
Chemicals, hazardous
Chemicals, non-hazardous
Actual Chemical Name (not brand name)
Or U.N.HAZMAT Code Identifier #
Electronic Goods
Consumer Electronics, Telephones
Electronic Toys (can include Gameboys, Game Cubes,
Dancing Elmo Doll etc.)
Personal/Household Electronics(i.e.PDA's, VCR's, TV's)
Equipment Industrial Equipment, Oil Well Equipment
Automotive Equipment, Poultry Equipment etc.
Flooring Wood Flooring, Plastic Flooring, Carpet, Ceramic Tile,
Marble Flooring
Foodstuffs Oranges
Packaged Rice, Packaged Grain, Bulk Grain
Iron Iron Pipes, Steel Pipes
Steel Iron Building Material, Steel Building Material
Leather Articles Saddles
Leather Handbags
Leather Jackets, Shoes
Machinery Metal Working Machinery
Cigarette Making Machinery
Machines Sewing Machines
Printing Machines
Pipes Plastic Pipes
PVC Pipes
Steel Pipes
Copper Pipes
Plastic Goods Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Houseware,
Industrial Plastics
Toys, New/Used Auto Parts
Polyurethane Polyurethane Threads
Polyurethane Medical Gloves
  Personal Effects
Household Goods
Rubber Articles Rubber Hoses
Rubber Conveyor Belts
Rods Welding Rods
Aluminum Rods
Reactor Rods
Scrap Plastic Scrap
Aluminum Scrap
Iron Scrap
STC (Said to Contain)
General Cargo
FAK ( Freight of All Kinds)
"No Description"
Tiles Ceramic Tiles
Marble Tiles
Tools Hand Tools
Power Tools
Industrial Tools
Wires Electric Wires
Auto Harness
Coiled Wire (Industrial)