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China Airlines provide a new, efficient way of doing business. It eliminates the need for AWB paper and reduces time of processing freight. We joined IATA's (International Air Transport Association) environmentally friendly e-freight initiative on November 3, 2009, help business and environment thrive together.

In today's electronic world, air cargo still relies heavily on paper documentation for the exchange of information. e-AWB aims to take the paper out of air cargo and to replace it with the exchange of electronic data and messages. e-AWB brings accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency.


  1. Improve productivity by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining processes.
  2. Reduce processing costs due to the removal of paper AWB and the elimination of the requirements to file paper AWB.
  3. Improve customer service by speeding up cargo processing.
  4. Increase quality of information thanks to electronic data that are used from the very beginning to the very end of the air cargo supply chain.


These are the current stations that have gone live with e-AWB.
Asia Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand(BKK)
Europe All stations & Off-line points
North America All stations & Off-line points
Oceania SYD, BNE
For the latest information on your station kindly contact your nearest China Airlines sales Office, and refer eAWB SOP for further details.

Shipment Types

  1. Applies to General Cargo and Special Cargo.
  2. Charge Collect cargo and non CI's AWBs(prefix≠297)are not
    allowed to processed by e-AWB.

Single Process

China Airlines has implemented the single process from 15 August, 2015, that put CI in control of the decision whether to use a paper or an e-AWB, therefore minimizing the associated liability risk.

Other than above live e-AWB stations, e-AWB would be handled according to IATA e-AWB Single Process.
e.g. China, Indonesia(exclude JKT ), Manila, Thailand (exclude BKK), Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and India..,etc which still require paper AWB according to local Customs rule.

How it works ?

Download CI e-AWB Standard Operating Procedure

1. Please make a reservation by advising our sales representative of the e-freight type(EAW/EAP). Please insert EAW and EAP in Special Handling Code of the booking message if you are using e-booking.

IATA e-Freight Consignment with No Accompanying Documents
IATA e-Freight Consignment with Accompanying Documents

2. Please send the FWB to China Airlines 2 hours prior to flight departure. For e-Customs Clearance at some stations, you will be required to send the FHL for further processing.

EDI Channel

FTP Host-to-host Connection

Please contact our local sales office for detailed information.

Service Providers Solution

CCS Vendors(Trade-Van, Champ, Descartes, GLSHK, SITA. ,etc)

China Airlines Cargo Website

Input e-AWB data directly at airlines web portal.