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1. How to check inbound cargo status?
2. How to proceed customs formaility and pick-up your shipment on arrival?
If your consignment has arrived at Taoyuaen International Airport, please find enclosed an air waybill copy giving details of flight arrival/date etc.
Consignee his agent must clear customs and collect consignment at Taoyuan International Airport. Please come to our office at customs working hours for air waybill pick-up, and then proceed to customs clearance. Please bring along your ID, if you would clear customs in person, or you may authorize an agent, your authorization letter and ID copy would be mandatory for customs formality, agent's ID is also required.

Customs clearance and place of delivery:
  1. Taipei Customs TEL:03-3834265
  2. Customs Hours 08:30-12:30 and 13:00-17:00 Monday-Friday
  3. Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal 03-3939800
  4. Evergreen Air Cargo Terminal 03-3938000
  5. Farglory Free Trade Zone 03-3992888
3. How to proceed customs farmility and pick-up your live animals?
Any live animal (DOG, CAT), as required by BAPHIQ, imported to Taiwan must be abided by:

  • An application must be made 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Health certification must be valid within 30 days.
  • If O.K, the dog/cat should be shipped within 7 days as you have applied date, otherwise re-application should be made again.
  • The requirements for AVI as check-in bag is complete the same as those of cargo.
4. How to check cargo storage fee?
Please check warehouse website.
TACT 03-3939800 link
FTZ 03-3992888 link
EGAC 03-3938000 link