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The Choice of Express Shipment

Best solution for the urgent shipments

Urgent cargo needs priority service. With Express, your will get the premium express freight service and handle with money back guarantee. China Airlines handles Equation shipment with top priority from acceptance to delivery, and guarantees boarding on the first available flight.


Your Benefit

  1. Airport to Airport express service
  2. Top priority for load planning
  3. The latest possible booking
  4. The earliest pick-up time
  5. Extensive worldwide network
  6. Money Back Guarantee


Service Description

  Product Name Express(XPS) Express Heavy(XPH)
Linear dimensions (width + heights + depth) do not exceed 228cm(90inch) per piece Any Linear dimensions (width + heights + depth) exceed 228cm(90inch) per piece
<= 32kg per piece
< =100kg per AWB
> 32kg per piece
> 100kg per AWB
  Booking Required Passenger Flight: 4 hours before departure
Freighters: 6 hours before departure
Passenger and Freighter Flight: 24 hours before departure
  Cut-off Time 90 minutes before departure 180 minutes before departure
  Pick-up Time 90 minutes after arrival 180 minutes after arrival
  Money Back
Refunds are calculated based on the price different between XPS/XPH and general cargo.


  1. Delay due to reasons beyond control of Carrier or relevant parties.
  2. Dangerous Goods (include ELI/ELM), Valuable Cargo, Live Animals, Perishable Cargo, Frozen Goods, Hatching Eggs, Dry Ice, and Human Remain/ashes.