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29 Jun 2021
Envirotainer Greets China Airlines as the latest airline to approve the new Releye® RLP container
Envirotainer, the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transportation of pharmaceuticals, today announced that China Airlines has approved the Envirotainer Releye® RLP for usage on their aircrafts. With this approval, China Airlines can now transport the Releye® RLP on their full network reaching over 115 airports across the world, increasing the capacity to meet demand for temperature-controlled and fully connected ULD solutions.
The Envirotainer Releye® RLP is a LD11-sized unit with a unique air flow technology for maximum temperature stability in the cargo bay. The RLP-size fits 3-euro pallets (or 2-US pallets) and fills a strategic gap between the larger RAP-size and the smaller RKN-size allowing for increase efficiency by mixing and matching sizes based on shipment volume. The Releye® RLP uses rechargeable batteries to power its electric heating and compressor cooling system and can power its system for over 170 hours on a single charge.
With its unique feature set, the Releye® RLP sets a new standard for secure cold chain solutions bringing a temperature-controlled air freight container to market with a new footprint, industry-leading autonomy and fully integrated live monitoring.
“I’m happy to welcome China Airlines as carrier of our latest innovation, the new Envirotainer Releye® RLP container,” says Don Harrison, Head of Global Key Accounts, Airlines at Envirotainer. He continued, “The Releye® RLP is a great addition to China Airlines’ “Pharma 1” service offering, their premium offering for pharmaceutical products requiring the strictest temperature control active containers.”
 " we are excited to see the new Releye® RLP container," says Bryan Tao, GM of Cargo Sales Managemen Department. He continued, "China Airlines is able to offer more options to our customers for health care or sensitive product. Shipper can rest assured to hand over shipment to China Airlines with the excellent performance of the Releye® RLP base on reliable procedure in China Airlines. The Releye® RLP can lead the industry to a brand new milestone“ The Releye® container sets a new standard for secure cold chain transport at a time when the biopharma industry is looking for groundbreaking solutions.”