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20 Feb 2020
Freighter schedule notice due to spread of novel coronavirus(21FEB-23FEB)
In response to the spread of the coronavirus, China Airlines Cargo will cancel (re-schedule) following freighter service during 21FEB-23FEB.
Date Flight
21FEB CI5322/5321/21FEB     TPE/ANC/JFK/ANC/TPE                 Canceled
CI5398/5397/21FEB     TPE/ANC/MIA/SFO/TPE                 Canceled
22FEB CI5198/5197/22FEB     TPE/LAX/SFO/NGO/TPE          Postpone1HR
23FEB CI5108/5107/23FEB     TPE/LAX/SFO/TPE                           Canceled
CI5138/5137/23FEB     TPE/LAX/TPE                                    Canceled
CI5256/5255/23FEB     TPE/ANC/ATL/DFW/ANC/TPE       Canceled
CI5234/5233/23FEB     TPE/ANC/ORD/ANC/TPE                 Canceled
CI5322/5321/23FEB     TPE/ANC/JFK/ANC/TPE                  Canceled
CI5282/5281/23FEB     TPE/ANC/LCK/SEA/TPE                   Canceled

Passenger Flights:https://calec.china-airlines.com/typhoon/flight_information.aspx?country=us&locale=en
For detail information please contact your  CI/AE branch office.