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15 Feb 2019
Pilot union strike over
Please be informed the pilot strike is over. All flight expected to resume as normal on 20Feb.
The latest cargo flight information on 18 Feb to 19 Feb 2019 are as below.We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Flight Date Operated Flight Cancelled Flight
19Feb(Tue) CI5706/5705 NRT
CI5927/5928 SZX
CI5825/5826 HKG
CI5835/5836 HKG
CI6843/6844 HKG
CI5853/5854 CGK/KUL
CI5883/5884 SIN/BKK
CI5885/5886 PEN/SGN
CI5286/5285 LCK/ORD/SEA

18Feb(Mon) CI5897/5898 PVG
CI5835/5836 HKG
CI5871/5872 SIN
CI5166/5257 LAX/DFW/LAX
CI5394/5393 JFK/SEA
CI5118/5117 LAX
CI5254/5261 ATL/DFW/SEA
CI5134/5133 ORD/KIX
CI5234/5233 ORD
CI5398/5397 MIA/SFO
CI5895/5896 CAN
CI5124/5121 KIX/ORD/KIX