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10 Jul 2018
Typhoon "Maria" approaching Taiwan
Due to Typhoon "Maria" approaching area between Taiwan and Japan Okinawa, flights depart from/to Taiwan might be affected/canceled due to weather condition. 
Remind for following flight schedule change:
          A. Change Flights

1. CI-120/121/122/123 Taoyuan-Okinawa return flights have been delayed until 10July. Flight numbers have now been changed to CI-3120/3121/3122/3123. 
2. 5706/5705/11JUL TPE/NRT/TPE freighter advance to 10July 1630 depart,
Flight numbers have now been changed to 6706/6705.

B. Re-time(advance)
Passenger flights departing after 20:00 from Taoyuan for Europe, North America and Australia will now take off before 20:00.
1.6843/6844/10JUL TPE/HKG/TPE                                 advance to 0945L
2.5883/5884/11JUL TPE/SIN/BKK/TPE                           advance to 10Jul 1930L
3.5541/5542/11JUL TPE/BKK/DWC/AMS/BKK/TPE        advance to 10Jul 1900L
4.5156/5155/11JUL TPE/LAX/KIX/TPE                            advance to 10Jul 930L
5.5148/5147/11JUL TPE/KIX/ANC/ORD/ANC/KIX/PTE   advance to 10Jul  1830L
6.5835/5836/10-11JUL TPE/HKG/TPE                            advance to 10Jul  1900L
7.5322/5321/11JUL TPE/ANC/JFK/ANC/TPE                 advance to 10Jul  1730L
8.5927/5928/10JUL TPE/SZX/TPE                                  advance to 10Jul 1945L
C. Re-time(postpone)
1.5853/5854/10JUL TPE/CGK/KUL/TPE                      postpone 8hr
2.5322/5393/08JUL TPE/ANC/JFK/SEA/TPE               postpone 14hr
3.5254/5261/08JUL TPE/ANC/ATL/DFW/SEA/TPE      postpone 12hr
4.5384/5385/11JUL TPE/ANC/MIA/SEA/ANC/TPE       postpone 15hr
5.5108/5107/11JUL TPE/LAX/SFO/TPE                        postpone 12hr
6.5256/5255/11JUL TPE/ANC/ATL/DFW/ANC/TPE       postpone 12hr
7.5841/5842/11JUL TPE/MNL/HKG/TPE                        postpone 5.5hr
8.6843/6844/11JUL TPE/HKG/TPE                                postpone 1hr
9.6879/6880/11JUL TPE/SGN/HAN/TPE                       postpone 11hr
10.5881/5882/11JUL TPE/PEN/SIN/TPE                      postpone 9.1hr

For other flight cancel or time change, please get the latest information via China Airlines  website, download the CI Mobile app or use the SMS notification function to confirm the latest flight status.