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05 Jun 2023
#World Environment Day #BeatPlasticPollution

On this day in 1972 (6/5), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)convened the world's first "United Nations Conference on the Human Environment" in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Environmental issues has become one of the focal points of discussion within the United Nations since then. During the conference, the Stockholm Declaration was adopted which encompassed 109 issues and related action plans. Additionally, June 5th was designated as "World Environment Day". Today, World Environment Day has gained support from governments, enterprises, NGOs, and other stakeholders in 143 countries worldwide. It has become a crucial platform for the United Nations and the global community to enhance environmental awareness and promote collective action towards environmentally sustainable practices.

With the changing lifestyles of humans, World Environment Day has been set a theme every year to raise public awareness and emphasize the significance of environmental issues, prompting individuals to take action. Over the years, the themes have covered a wide range of topics including climate change, forest conservation, water resources, marine protection, and more. The theme for 2023 World Environment Day is#BeatPlasticPollution, with the objective of urging the public to reduce plastic pollution through individual actions, and encouraging governments and businesses to expedite efforts in resolving plastic-related issues and implementing a transition towards a circular economy. In line with the environmentally sustainable service trends in global aviation industry, China Airlines has announced short, medium and long-term plastic reduction targets in 2022. The targets are as follows:

Additionally, China Airlines has reviewed and adjusted the "Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Commitment" and "Environmental and Energy Policy Statement" in response to the increasing attention from domestic and international stakeholders towards emerging environmental issues such as circular economy, plastic reduction, food loss and waste management, biodiversity conservation, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The revised commitments and policy statement emphasize the robust management of environmental issues, such as operations, logistics, products and services, waste management, and biodiversity conservation, as well as engagement with supply chains. We pledge to collaborate with our partners in the value chain and supply chain to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, and strive for no net loss of biodiversity and no gross deforestation. Our aim is to achieve ESG sustainable development in all aspects of CAL's operation and services, ensuring common goods in coexistence, inclusivity, and mutual growth with the Mother Earth and human society.