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21 May 2019
Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) implementation on 11 June 2019

The Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) will become fully effect from 11 June 2019 . CI will also start to send ACAS info to U.S. CBP on 23 May 2019.

ACAS is a SECURITY measurement implemented by U.S. CBP on 12 June 2018. ACAS will filter out shipment with security issues by receiving and analyzing HAWB info sent by carrier or freight forwarders BEFORE shipment DEPARTED for USA. Any shipment having security issues informed by U.S. CBP must be PUT ON HOLD and MUST NOT ENTER USA until the security issues are solved. Any violation will be resulted in penalties from USD $5,000 to $10,000.
Detailed information of ACAS could be found in following websites:

Shippers and freight forwarders have to follow the specific ACAS requirements on the AWBs for shipment bound for or transit at USA, no matter in paper AWB or e-AWB:
*The shippers’ and consignees’ address must be correctly provided; address in P.O. Box is not accepted and will be put on hold by U.S CBP.The state
  code (e.g. CA for California), ZIP code in consignees’ address and country code (e.g. US) in both shipper’s and consignees’ address must be correctly
*The commodities in HAWB for consolidated shipment must be a precise description as stipulated in IATA TACT rules 7.3.2 US regulation 2.2.
*The HAWB number in consolidated shipment must not be the same 8 digits to the MAWB number. (e.g. HAWB: 03998888, MAWB:297-03998888)
*The HAWB number in consolidated shipment must not be the same to any shipment previously sent to USA within I (one) month.
*The HAWB number must not more than 12 digits due to IATA Cargo-IMP restrictions.
*The correct SLAC (Shipper Load And Count) number must be provided in “nature and quantity of goods” on MAWB or in /NS/ column of FWB  
*To comply with the ACAS requirement, CAL needs to send MAWB/HAWB info to U.S. CBP as early as possible to retrieve CBP response, thus the cut-off
  time is set  for shippers delivering MAWB and HAWB before flight departure as follows: 4 hours for general cargo and 2 hours for live animal, perishable
  or express cargo.

For freight forwarders or express cargo handler/couriers who will submit HAWB to U.S. CBP and check the ACAS status by themselves, an endorsement as attached must be signed by the representative of the companies in agreement to indemnify CAL from any penalties aroused from violating ACAS due to such companies failed to inform CAL their shipment was put on hold by CBP. Should any shipment delivered to CAL but then found to be put on hold by U.S. CBP via ACAS message 6H/6J, 7H/7J, 8H/8J, CAL must be informed to take actions.