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14 Feb 2019
Pilot union strike latest cargo flight news(12 Feb to 15 Feb )

Due to Pilot Union Strike, the latest cargo flight information on 15 Feb to 17 Feb 2019 are as below.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Flight Date Operated Flight Cancelled Flight
17Feb(Sun) CI5825/5826 HKG
CI5835/5836 HKG
CI5879/5880 SIN/MNL
CI6595/6596 PEN/HAN
CI5108/5107 LAX/SFO
CI5124/5121 KIX/ORD/KIX
CI5394/5393 JFK/SEA
CI5637/5638 DEL/LUX/DWC
CI5256/5255 ATL/DFW
CI5284/5283 LCK/ORD
CI5322/5321 JFK
CI5282/5281 LCK/SEA
CI5521/5522 DWC/FRA

16Feb(Sat) CI5706/5705 NRT
CI5897/5898 PVG
CI5895/5896 CAN
CI5837/5838 HKG
CI5835/5836 HKG
CI5853/5854 CGK/KUL
CI5883/5884 SIN/BKK
CI6879/6880 SGN/HAN
CI5166/5257 LAX/DFW/LAX
CI5124/5121 KIX/ORD/KIX
CI5392/5391 JFK/SEA/ANC
CI5991/5992 XMN
CI5993/5994 NKG
CI6877/6878 SGN
CI6851/6596 PEN/HAN
CI5108/5107 LAX/SFO
CI5254/5253 ATL/DFW
CI5322/5321 JFK
CI5384/5383 MIA/IAH
15Feb(Fri) CI5706/5705 NRT
CI5897/5898 PVG
CI5835/5836 HKG
CI5881/5882 PEN/SIN
CI5158/5177 LAX/ATL/LAX
CI5124/5121 KIX/ORD/KIX
CI5997/5998 CKG
CI5821/5822 HKG
CI5833/5834 HKG
CI5254/5261 ATL/DFW/SEA
CI5322/5321 JFK
CI5398/5397 MIA/SFO