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Fuel Surcharge

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16Jan 19:33:42(z)

24 Feb 2017
Relevy Cargo Fuel Surcharge Notice
Dear Customers:

Please kindly be informed that China Airlines will collect cargo fuel surcharge for TC I/II/III shipments
ex-Taiwan effective from 10MAR, 2017, which is based on China Airlines' fuel price index (FPI) of 290
located at the index range 280-299 of the CI's Cargo Fuel Surcharge Mechanism from Taiwan. Details
are as below:

      TC   I, II :   TWD 17/Kg   (I/O 0)
      TC    III :    TWD   6/Kg   (I/O 0)

Remarks: All charges are based on chargeable weight except those mininum charges applied.

Your continued support will be highly appreciated. We thank you for your understanding and
cooperation in advance and your usual support will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
Cargo Sales & Services Taiwan
China Airlines